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Absence and Retention Consultancy "Keeping people healthy, motivated and here"
Absence management consultancy:
Effective absence management is about understanding the obstacles that prevent or delay a return to work. These obstacles can be related to ill health or simply behavioural. Our consultancy will help you to:
Define the cost of absence using our cost calculator.
Understanding absence data.
Consultancy on managing absence issues include:
Stress and common mental health problems
Removing the obstacles that prevent/delay return to work
The Biopsychosocial model
Long term ill health
Short term, sporadic absence
Achieving management buy in
Return to work interviews
Policy development
Retention consultancy:
People leave organisations due to cultural issues, lack of job satisfaction, organisational commitment, support and control. Organisations tend to focus heavily on attendance; however, we know that focusing efforts on the performance management issues relating to retention can be equally rewarding. Our consultancy will help you to:
Define the cost of attrition using our cost calculator.
Consultancy on managing attrition:
Understanding why people leave
Identity potential leavers
Define the cost of attrition
Utilisation of bespoke analytical questionnaires
Focus group facilitation
See our Rehabilitation services