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The need for training managers and human recourses professionals in understanding the modern approach to absence management as never been higher.

Traditional training has been short sighted, impractical, and lacking depth of knowledge in the real causes of absence and the obstacles that prevent return to work. Our occupational physicians, behaviour change experts and psychologists have combined forces to produce the most up to date and innovative training courses in the UK .

This is possibly one of the first courses of its kind in the UK to teach the new biopsychosocial model, and to understand the obstacles that prevent recovery or return to work and how managers behaviours impact on absenteeism, performance and productivity at work.
Managing Attendance - a Behavioural Approach
A unique training course for Human Resource, line managers, and other professionals working in organisational wellbeing who wish to fully understand the latest concepts of managing absence and the returning to work and the interaction with health and wellbeing.
Understanding the biopsychosocial model
Breaking down the obstacles which prevent or delay recovery and return to work
Management of common health problems
Modern concepts of rehabilitation
The business case
Developing or reviewing an attendance management policy
Case management - taking away the managers fear factor
The influence of behaviours at work on absence, productivity and performance
Supporting HR and line managers
Legal and ethical aspects
Understanding the practice and value of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy