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“Modern rehab has to change from attempts to adapt, compensate for impairment and address factors ( obstacles ) that delay or prevent recovery and return to work.”
Case Management

Early active interventions by qualified occupational therapist and nurse case managers improves recovery time and reduces long term disability in our rehabilitation programmes. Our national network of Physiotherapists and Cognitive Behaviour Therapists (CBT) are also available. If indicated high level Functional Capability Assessments using the very latest technology can be undertaken at centres throughout the UK.
Modern rehabilitation is based around a primary, secondary and tertiary interventional approach using only evidence based medicine and the bio psycho social model – to break down the obstacles to recovery and return to work

For musculoskeletal disorders this approach involves a musculoskeletal disorder rehabilitation programme
Musculoskeletal Disorder MSD) Rehabilitation Programme
Primary Interventions (risk based and preventative)

Involve an ergonomics programme and musculoskeletal mapping questionnaires and a bespoke musculoskeletal protocol and strategy for the organisation ( if workplace based). Physical activity and good general wellbeing is also preventative measure

Secondary Interventions (educational, training and awareness)
Training Manual handling  Workstation Assessments

Awareness Early symptom reporting - educational programmes.
Tertiary (treating the casualties/case - case management)

Physical Therapy - Physiotherapist’s chiropractors osteopaths.

Case management - early active interventions

Physical Activity Work hardening programmes